For the most up-to-date information on COVID-19 policies at The Rebel Lounge, please click here.


The Rebel Lounge has a modest amount of parking spaces available in our lot. We offer additional parking across Indian School, in the parking lots for Audio Express (2242 E Indian School Rd) and Camelback Antiques (2230 E Indian School Rd). We recommend parking in these lots if the lot at The Rebel Lounge is full. Please use the crosswalk at 24th St, and DO NOT JAYWALK across Indian School Rd. Cars left overnight will be towed at the owner’s expense. 

When searching for other nearby street parking around the venue, please respect our neighbors and obey any street signs posted in the area. If you are parked illegally in a “no parking zone” or blocking a driveway, you may receive a ticket or be towed.


Q: I want to see a show at The Rebel Lounge. How do I buy tickets?
A: There are two very easy ways to get tickets for shows at The Rebel:

• The New School Way: Advance tickets can be purchased online through The site works great on mobile phones!

• The Old School Way: Buy them at Stinkweeds – the awesome local record store located at 12 W. Camelback Rd. Phoenix, AZ.

• We do NOT currently sell tickets in advance at The Rebel Lounge.

• Quick note on scalpers: We are not obligated in any way to honor tickets that aren’t printed from Stinkweeds Records or See Tickets/Eventbrite directly. Tickets purchased from third parties (like Stubhub) are purchased at your own risk and do not guarantee entry. We can not refund tickets purchased from any other site. Then again, you could get lucky and they might work.

Q: Help! I am having difficulty buying tickets online/I can’t find my email receipt/I haven’t received my tickets in the mail yet – what do I do? Can you help me?!
A: Short answer, not really. Long answer, all ticket concerns must be addressed at your point of purchase. If you purchased tickets online via See Tickets or Eventbrite, you must contact the great people at those companies directly in order for any changes to be made. For issues with tickets from See Tickets or Eventbrite, please reach out to See Tickets ( or Eventbrite Support ( They are better people than us and will help you out. If you ask us to help we are just going to ask them, so save yourself a step and hit them up first.

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: All sales are final. We only issue a refund when a headlining act cancels or postpones their performance, at which point refunds will be made through See Tickets or Eventbrite automatically. They will notify you right away. If the headlining act cancels and you purchased your tickets at Stinkweeds, you must get a refund from Stinkweeds. Otherwise, there are no refunds for tickets purchased from Stinkweeds Records or via See Tickets. We NEVER issue refunds in person at The Rebel Lounge.

Q: What time can I come down and buy tickets or pick mine up at will call?
A: The Box Office opens at the advertised “doors open” time on your ticket or on The Rebel Lounge website. You can NOT pick up your tickets before then.

Q: What time should I get there?
A: Show up on time to see ALL the bands! You paid to see the whole show, so you might as well see it all! There are two times listed on our website and your ticket – the first is the time that our doors will open, and the second time listed is when the first band will go on. Set times vary and typically are not announced until the day of the show. Please keep in mind that this is Rock N’ Roll! All set times and opening acts are always subject to change – sometimes last minute, and sometimes for seemingly no reason at all. We strongly suggest checking our website often – we make changes the second we receive any new information in order to keep you up to date.

Q: The website shows “Sold Out”, can I still get tickets?
A: No. If the website says it is “Sold Out” then there are no more tickets for sale. That is what “Sold Out” means! It is unlikely any tickets will be released at the door, but you could get lucky. (Psst… Keep an eye on our Facebook page before the show!) Please re-read our disclaimer about scalpers above.  


Q: Where are you located?
A: 2303 E Indian School St. Phoenix, Arizona 85016 (MAP).

Q: When are you open?
A: Door times and show times are listed on our website for every event. Most nights doors open somewhere between 7pm and 8pm.

Q: Do you take CASH, CHECK or CARD? What types of payment does The Rebel Lounge accept?
A: Our Box Office accepts cash, VISA, Master Card and American Express. Bands selling at their merch table may only accept cash. The bar will take all your money in any form of legal currency you would like to give them.

Q: Do you allow outside food or beverage?
A: No, outside food and beverages are not permitted. But on a slow night if you bring us a burrito we may look the other way.

Q: What is your bag policy?
A: We do not allow backpacks, but do not have a strict bag policy for bags smaller than backpacks. Bags will be searched upon entry.

Q: Is there seating at The Rebel Lounge?
A: Unless otherwise specifically stated online, shows at The Rebel Lounge are General Admission, standing room only. There is limited seating in the back of the room. There is no seating in the “All Ages” section on nights that are All Ages. Patrons with special needs should call in advance to make arrangements.

Q: Do you have a dress code?
A: What? Why would there be? This is not Scottsdale. This is a rock club! You are an adult and can dress yourself. Just “Don’t Be That Guy” or we might make fun of you behind your back.

That being said, smart footwear is strongly encouraged, as this is a music venue, and thats just good planning.

Q: I heard you used to be The Mason Jar?
A: We heard that too! I think we read that on our about page.

Q: Did you know that Nirvana/Metallica/Slayer/My Band played The Jar back in the day?
A: Of course we knew that! So did a ton of other great bands! Did you know we have a bunch of great bands playing here now? Take a look on our site at who we have coming up, and maybe in 35 years you will be telling people how you saw Cavetown, Breakup Shoes, Lucky Daye, This Wild Life, or Beach Bunny at The Rebel Lounge.


Q: How old do you have to be to attend shows?
A: Many of our shows are 21+, but some of our shows may also be All Ages, 16+ or 18+. We always advise children under 13 be accompanied by an adult. Age restrictions for all shows will be listed on our website.

Q: I am under 21, can I buy a beer?
A: Of course not! Why even ask? If you don’t like it, lobby your state representative and go vote.

Q: Do I need ID to enter the venue?
A: An ID is required if you plan on drinking alcohol, or for shows that are listed as 21+. We are a bar that serves liquor, and so we take checking IDs very seriously. In compliance with Arizona State Laws, anyone 21 and older, who plans on drinking alcohol, will have to show a valid, non-expired, government issued photo ID, regardless of how young you look!

Anyone without proper ID, regardless of age, will be treated as under 21, and not allowed to buy, hold or drink alcohol. This policy is strictly enforced, and any violation will result in immediate ejection from the venue.
If you are over 21 and still have a vertical ID, get that changed ASAP! By state law, we can only except vertical IDs for the first 30 days after you turn 21. We hate that law too, but we follow it with no exceptions.

Q: Do you allow re-entry?
A: If you are under 21 there is no re-entry once you enter the venue. If you are over 21, we generally do not grant re-entry, but we are human so will when needed.

Q: I am under 21 – how does this “all-ages section” work?
A: Due to Arizona state law, our all-ages shows must include a barrier between our under-age guests and those over 21 who have access to the bar, libations and fun times. We understand that this may seem unfair to those under the age of 21; we remember being there too. Unfortunately it is dictated by state law. Just remember, “it gets better.”

Q: I was having a great time at a show last night, and I think I left my card at The Rebel Lounge, do you still have it?
A: All leftover cards with open tabs will be closed at the end of the night, and a 20% service gratuity will be added. All cards left behind will be left at the bar for 2 weeks. You can stop by any night we have a show at least one hour before doors and get your card. Unfortunately, if we do not have an event on our calendar, no one will be here to give you your card back. Any cards left more than 2 weeks will be destroyed!  


Q: Do you have a lost and found?
A: Yes, we do. If we find your wallet, phone or anything else, we will hold it in the office for 2 weeks, then it will be donated to charity or destroyed.

Q: Can I smoke inside?
A: No. Arizona has an indoor smoking ban, where have you been? However, we do have a patio you can take your drinks out to for a smoke.

Q: Are firearms allowed in the club?
A: No. Firearms are never allowed in The Rebel Lounge. Pursuant to A.R.S. § 4-229.  


Q: Can you suggest a hotel?
A: We recommend the Clarendon Hotel.
3 miles away down Indian School Rd, boutique hotel, good food, pool. Keep it local.  


Q: How/When do you announce new shows?
A: As soon as we can! As much as we love having secrets and knowing cool things before everyone else, we love telling you even more! Our website is updated constantly – as soon as we can announce a show, we will.

Q: How can I receive more information about upcoming shows?
A: We send out (somewhat) weekly e-mail updates that include information on recently announced shows, yet-to-be-advertised shows, and exclusive pre-sales. Please sign up on the side of the page to get subscribed! Click here to sign up for our newsletter.

Q: Where can I find the most current information about upcoming shows at The Rebel Lounge?
A: Right here! Our website is the best place to get information on anything that has to do with The Rebel Lounge. See our calendar here.

You can also connect with us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, or with smoke signals. There are lots of ways to find out the newest information on shows, events, giveaways and super fun secrets! You just have to pay attention.

Also check out for info on most of our events and tons of other great shows across Arizona. Follow him on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and by telegraph.


Q: I there a policy regarding photo/video/audio?
A: Photo/video/audio policies are at the artists’ discretion and change night by night, but our standing policy is that no professional equipment is allowed unless authorized by the bands. With permission to photograph or record, you are allowed to capture the first 3 songs (no flash). You are welcome to bring your camera with the understanding that you may need to take it back to your car before entering the venue. Video recording is never allowed without permission. Permission must be obtained before the day of the show.

Q: How do I get a photo or media pass?
A: All requests for media/photo passes must go through the artist/band’s publicist or label directly. We at The Rebel Lounge cannot offer media/photo passes. Only media/photo passes that have been submitted by the bands will be honored.

Q: I have a blog – does that mean I get in for free?
A: Do you really? If you have a real blog, you can request media passes through the label/publicist, as described above. If you just post rants on your LiveJournal page, they might not want to give you a media pass, and you might have to buy a ticket to get in.  


Q: My band wants to rock the stage at The Rebel Lounge, can we get booked?
A: We are always looking for great new bands! It is why we do what we do. Just make sure you are awesome!

Interested in playing here? Email Us. Please send links to videos, music and as much useful information as you can. If you’re traveling through Phoenix, a specific time-frame always helps. If you are local, please let us know where you play often, and who you play with. Check out our website to see the types of shows we book before reaching out.

If you are an agent with a national touring act, please reach out to Psyko Steve Presents.

We do love to work with DIY touring bands, but unfortunately we can not help every band on tour (even though we wish we could!). If you contact us and we can’t accommodate you on this tour, we will try to help find someone who can.  


Q: I want to join the Rebellion / I want a job!!
A: Really? Awesome! Email us. Send us your resume and what type of position you are looking for. We currently have enough underwater welders, jugglers and air traffic controllers, but other positions may be available.

Still have questions? How can that be? Email us and maybe we will add your question to this list.